We are Himalayan Heliski Guides, we are Heliski Adventures Worldwide. We operate in Nepal, Greece and Chile since 2001. Here is  how we got started:

Heliski Nepal

Himalayan Heli Ski Guides was founded in 2001. It is the first and only Company allowed to heliski in the Kingdom of Nepal. It was the dream of the ski and mountaineering experienced founders to open up a new ski destination to the heliski community and share with them the beauty of the Himalayas. That first year a small film group from Chamonix came to film the movie “Chamonix-Kathmandu”. Other film crews followed and so did our heliski clients. To this date Himalayan Heli Ski Guides (HHSG) operated in the Everest, Humla and Annapurna region of Nepal.



All HHSG guides are certified UIAGM mountain guides. HHSG will provide 2 guides per group of 6/8 people. The first guide will always go first and set a line for the clients to follow, afterwards each client will go down one by one. The second guide will go last. In this matter we can take best control of eventual slides occurring while skiing.   Himalayan Heli Ski Guides will provide the standard heliski items for all clients. These items include Barryvox avalanche detectors, Probes, Shovels, etc. In the case of an emergency rescue or accident, HHSG will fly in a rescue team and or doctors immediately should the need arise.   Prior to the first Heliski run your guides will give you an orientation on how to operate the Barryvox devices provided by HHSG, if you brought your own they will synchronize your avalanche search device with ours.   For precaution reasons the chopper will carry onboard a fully stocked base camp, with tents, sleeping bags & insulate pads, food, stoves, drinks, satellite phone & laptop, etc.

Craig has over 30 years experience in the himals and thirteen years experience skiing the Annapurna sanctuary.
He values safety above all else and is open to discussions about options.
I enjoyed his leadership and camaraderie.

John StokelyAlbuquerque, New Mexico USA

I have heli skied for the last 15 years in the Alps, in Canada (CMH, Wiegele, Bella Coola), and in Nepal with Craig’s organization.
Of all the weeks I have had, Nepal is by far the one that has left in me the strongest and best memory.

In Nepal you are not going to get the best powder, the most vertical, the steepest runs or a big and clockwork like organization like as CMH. What you get is absolutely stunning scenery, much more stunning than the Alps, and a great ski experience, you have to try it to understand it. On top of that there is the cultural experience of being in Nepal, I strongly suggest at least seeing Katmandu and if you have time the most significant cultural spots near Katmandu.
Overall, if you are a fit and experienced heli I very strongly suggest going to Nepal, a stunning experience that will remain with you forever.

Marco FiorentinoItaly

It doesn’t matter where you have skied The Himalayas are like a different planet. It’s such a bizarre feeling to be in 5000 meters
and still have a whole Alps size mountain above you. It is wild. The sense of solitude and peace is unmatched. Nepal offers also
a rich cultural experience. You don’t really see Buddha temples, camels, elephants, and monkeys in ski resorts. The trip left me
with a strong urge to adventure and discover other exotic ski destinations. And someday I have to get back to Annapurna for
more pow.

Mikko LethinenFinland

I have heli-skied for twelve years, in Canada, Alaska, and Kashmir but this trip has been the highpoint of my skiing career to date. The beauty of the area, the scale of the peaks, the heartiness and kindness of the people took my breath away and the memories of this trip will last a lifetime. If you can swing it, put this one on your list.

John StokelyUSA

I spent the 2nd week of March 2017 skiing the Himalaya with Craig's team. The uniqueness of the environment, with its constant BIG mountain feeling [this is the Annapurna after all], makes this experience so special : you haven't skied till you have been there .... it is a must on any skier's bucket list, period.

Philippe FatzerSwitzerland